Redbacks End of Season Annual Awards Night 2017

In a year that saw the Redbacks take on the Australian Korfball Nationals in Victor Harbour (SA); regular trips up and down the M1 to participate in the NSW Korfball League; 2 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraisers; various social gatherings; and welcomed an array of international Korfball superstars to the Australian Korf scene we gathered on Oct 14 at the ‘Different Drummer’ in Glebe to reminisce on this year past, to thank our coaches and committee and most importantly reveal the big winners of the annual Redback awards!

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Sydney Super Sunday Sausage Sizzle SELL OUT!


Today saw the annual SCRKC Sausage Sizzle Fund Raiser at the new Bunnings Eastgardens. Thanks to everyone who came and sizzled and served a total of 676 sausages! Now for the important news…. the count has been made and we raised a whooping $1,122.75 profit! Look out for us at the Mascot Bunnings next!

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Korf Xmas Kayak and BBQ

Thanks to everyone who made it to the Korf Xmas Kayak and BBQ on the shore of Manly last month!

The festive crew of Santa’s paddled around in the pristine waters of the north harbour jumping out on a remote beach before racing back to the mainland for an afternoon BBQ feast provided by Victoria and Elise / cooked by Ian and Rob! This was then followed with a few rounds of Finska to finish the days activities (yes us Korfers like to try alternate European games)!IMG_4618

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The End of Season 2014/2015 Showdown and Awards Night

In a season where the Redbacks reached the final of the B Grade National Championships in Melbourne, and the club welcomed an array of new players from far and wide, we gathered together on July 15th 2015 to play the end of season match friendly followed by the eagerly awaited annual awards night!

The friendly match drew in a good crowd of both experienced and new players including an appearance from Clinton and Bec (original members of SCRKC) to welcoming new faces Ian and Ben (both keen Korfers playing on the international scene). It was great to have some full court action both for the new players to experience a full game, and for the more experienced players to pull out a move or 2. We had so much fun that the score didn’t matter and we announced the match a tie!

In need of a beer we continued on to the Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst for the most important aspect of the day the 2014/2015 Awards Night, hosted by none other than Team G and the Club President Victoria Wah.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 16.37.51

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Sydney stun favourites with scintillating showing!

The Sydney Redbacks created an upset at the National Korfball Championships with one team reaching the final and the other taking points off the eventual winners in the B grade tournament.

Although missing out on the trophy by the narrowest of margins, both teams can be very proud of their performances, with several players in each team playing their first ever matches; against teams playing regularly throughout the year.


SCRKC (Blacks): Sarah Higginson, Gemma Pratt, Meena Subramanyam, Cheya Tyson; Simon Cunliffe, James Gounis, Wilfred Lau, Graham Morris, Mark Zilm

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 22.40.16 copy

SCRKC (Blues): Joey Lai, Elise Mizzi, Victoria Wah, Karen Zilm; Rob Allen, Daniel Berg, Josh Berg, Neil Hayes, George Lincoln, Ben Mizzi, Sebastiaan Schlee



In an unprecedented move, Sydney Redbacks entered two teams into the B Grade competition, evenly split with the hope of both teams being competitive. Debuts were handed to Simon, Will, Elise, Daniel and Ben; in addition to late injury sub Josh who stepped in from the sidelines for the last game.

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