Redbacks End of Season Annual Awards Night 2017

In a year that saw the Redbacks take on the Australian Korfball Nationals in Victor Harbour (SA); regular trips up and down the M1 to participate in the NSW Korfball League; 2 Bunnings Sausage Sizzle fundraisers; various social gatherings; and welcomed an array of international Korfball superstars to the Australian Korf scene we gathered on Oct 14 at the ‘Different Drummer’ in Glebe to reminisce on this year past, to thank our coaches and committee and most importantly reveal the big winners of the annual Redback awards!

With Team G back in action to present the most eagerly anticipated awards the nominees and winners were as follows:

Players’ Player:

Nominations – Graham Morris, Anne Smeitink, Mandy Hooijmans and Mark Zilm

Winner – Graham Morris

Most Improved Player:

Nominations – Ben Mizzi, Olivia Legrand and Eddie Ng

Winner – Olivia Legrand

MVB (Most Valuable Backpacker):

Nominations – Neha Amlani, Anne Smeitink, Mandy Hooijmans, Eden Beugeling, Thijs Saarloos, Ria Peters and Baptiste Nottingham

Winner – Anne Smeitink

Most Committed:

Nominations – Ian Buckle, Nancy Bek, Daniel Berg and Graham Morris

Winner – Nancy Bek

Best Supporter:

Nominations – Sarah Higginson, Swaroopa Mistry-Hayes, Baby Bob Allen-Pratt and Daphne Dinkelman (Anne’s Cousin).

Winner – Baby Bob Allen-Pratt

Best Court Presence:

Nominations – Ben Mizzi

Winner – Ben Mizzi

Most Stylish:

Nominations – Clinton Bryan-Mathieson, Ian Buckle and Daniel Berg

Winner – Clinton Bryan-Mathieson

Moment of the Year:

Nominations – Rob Allen (dominance and goals against Ben Wallace (Royals Coach) plus standing on his hand captured on camera), Meena Subramanyam (complete warm-up failure), Olivia’s Legrand (shoe falling off), Jenny Barrett (Royals player burrowed for match and scores her 1st ever goal) and Korfball in the Birthday Cake!

Winner – Rob Allen

Best Redbacks Newcomer:

Nominations – Neha Amlani, Eddie Ng, Nancy Bek, Stavros Spyridakis, Mandy Hooijmans, Anne Smeitink, Eden Beugeling, Thijs Saarloos, Meg Hamilton, Rachel Riethmuller, Harry Everett, Olivia Legrand, Ben Brazier, Ria Peters and Baptiste Nottingham

Winner – Neha Amlani

Most Social:

Nominations – Paul White and Simon Cunliffe

Winner – Paul White

Endangered Species (rarely spotted):

Nominations – Ray Martin, Simon Cunliffe, Joey Lai, Paul White and Clinton Bryan-Mathieson

Winner – Joey Lai

The Dodo (never spotted):

Nominations – George Lincoln, Tom Newton, Sebastiaan Schlee, Kieran McCann, Tom Hughes, Rebecca Lewis and Daniel Molnar

Winner – All of them!

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