Who are we?

Welcoming. Fun. Social. 

We are the Sydney City Redbacks Korfball Club. Our club, also known as the Redbacks, has been introducing the sport to Sydney since 2012. Over the years we have had complete beginners join our competition as well as seasoned korfball players from Australia and beyond.

Our club’s aim is to grow the sport in Sydney and make sure our members get to enjoy everything korfball has to offer and more!


But what is Korfball? 

Korfball is a ball sport and as far as we are aware, the only sport that is mixed-gender by design. A korfball team exists out of 4 males and 4 females, who can only defend their counterpart. The ability to play with people of the other gender while only playing against your own ensures there is always and only gender equality on court.

To win, the team needs to score more points than the opposition. This is done by shooting the ball through the “korf” which is the Dutch word for basket.

Join us

The Redbacks train every Thursday from 7 – 8.30pm at All Sorts, Alexandria starting the 6th of February, 2020.

Our training is open to everyone, from complete beginners to seasoned korfball players. Want to try it first? First training is FREE!

Get in touch

Got any questions, please send us an email: sydneykorfball@gmail.com

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