Sydney Redbacks vs Newcastle Royals – Game 1 – 2018!


Sydney Redbacks (B) 5 – 12 Newcastle Royals (B)

Redbacks: Elise, Gemma, Joey, Nancy, Neha, Kate, Ben, Mark, Rob, Sam, Tom B, Tomás

Goals: Joey, Gemma, Mark (pen), Sam, Kate

The first game of the NSW 2018 korfball series got underway with a high quality, high scoring game. Newcastle took the lead early before Joey shot from close range to get the Redbacks first goal of the season. Sydney then created multiple chances but showed signs of early season rustiness as Newcastle took a 4-1 lead. As the half-time whistle neared, Gemma found space and sunk a mid-range shot to make it 4-2 at half-time. Continue reading “Sydney Redbacks vs Newcastle Royals – Game 1 – 2018!”

Nationals 2014 – Saturday and Sunday 7th/8th June

Redbacks: Rachel Burt, Gemma Pratt, Meena Subramanyam, Victoria Wah, Rob Allen, Neil Hayes, Graham Morris, Laurie Nicol, Sebastiaan Schlee, Mark Zilm

Nationals 2014 photo

With only one team entered in the B Grade competition this year, the Redbacks descended on Adelaide with high hopes of picking up the trophy. After a great learning experience in the Summer Classic in February and positive signs in training in the lead-up, the team was feeling good. First nationals experiences for the majority of the team along with competitive debuts for both Victoria and Laurie meant the team had a good balance of experience and enthusiasm.  Continue reading “Nationals 2014 – Saturday and Sunday 7th/8th June”