Sydney Redbacks vs Newcastle Royals – Game 6 – 2017!

In Anne’s final game for the Redbacks (hopefully just for this year, not forever!), Sydney came within 3 after a flurry of four early goals by Newcastle proved to be the difference with the final score 10-13 in favour of the Royals.

Sydney scored first through a long shot from Victoria, but Newcastle came back strong scoring the next four goals of the game. Rob, Daniel and Anne scored before the halftime break through a series of runners and drop-offs which saw the halftime score at 4-7 to Newcastle.

The second half was a much closer affair with both teams scoring 6 goals, which meant the three point difference at half time was the deciding factor. Ben came away with two goals in the second half, Victoria scoring her second goal for the game and Mandy, Sarah and Graham all contributing. Neil was instrumental in setting up a number of goals, as well as creating second chance opportunities through his rebounding.

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