Bunnings Saturday Sausage Sanger Sell Out!

Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 2.01.47 pm.pngAfter a 6-month wait we finally scored a spot at the Bunnings Mascot Sausage Sizzle to again raise some much-needed club funds!

With the sun shining 12 members of the club rolled up their sleeves to sizzle and sell sausages and drinks to the hungry customers of Bunnings. A total of 778 sausages were sizzled and approximately 274 drinks drunk, with the all important profit coming out at $1,404.89!!!

Funds will now go towards new balls, equipment, kit, marketing and social fun!

Thanks to everyone for their support (including the sausage and onion stockists), to Travellers Autobarn for purchasing the left over drinks, and to some past Redback favorites Clinton and Paul, plus their children, for dropping by to eat some tasty sangers!

Look out for us next year at another Bunnings near you!



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