The End of Season 2014/2015 Showdown and Awards Night

In a season where the Redbacks reached the final of the B Grade National Championships in Melbourne, and the club welcomed an array of new players from far and wide, we gathered together on July 15th 2015 to play the end of season match friendly followed by the eagerly awaited annual awards night!

The friendly match drew in a good crowd of both experienced and new players including an appearance from Clinton and Bec (original members of SCRKC) to welcoming new faces Ian and Ben (both keen Korfers playing on the international scene). It was great to have some full court action both for the new players to experience a full game, and for the more experienced players to pull out a move or 2. We had so much fun that the score didn’t matter and we announced the match a tie!

In need of a beer we continued on to the Local Taphouse in Darlinghurst for the most important aspect of the day the 2014/2015 Awards Night, hosted by none other than Team G and the Club President Victoria Wah.

Screen Shot 2015-10-03 at 16.37.51

The recipients of the prestigious awards were as follows:

Players’ Player of the Year:

Nominations – Rob Allen, George Lincoln, Wilfred Lau, Graham Morris and Sarah Higginson

Winner – Sarah Higginson


Most Improved Player:

Nominations – Meena Subramanyam, Wilfred Lau, Renton Parker and Elise Mizzi

Winner – Wilfred Lau


Nationals Best Play:

Nominations – Mark Zilm (long shot), Rob Allen (drop off), a 12 years old goal, Daniel Berg (hat trick), Gemma Pratt (buzzer beater), Wilfred Lau (interceptions) and James Gounis (amazing goal)

Winner – James Gounis (amazing goal)


Most Committed:

Nominations – Everyone who turned up for marathon assistance, Simon Cunliffe and Ben Mizzi

Winner – Ben Mizzi


Nationals Top Scorer:

Nominations – Cheya Tyson (8), Neil Hayes (4), Sebastiaan Schlee (4), Joey Lai (3) and Graham Morris (13)

Winner – Graham Morris (yes 13)


Most Stylish:

Nominations – Victoria Wah, Elise Mizzi and James Gounis

Winner – James Gounis


Most Social:

Nominations – Gemma Pratt and Paul White

Winner – Paul White (2nd year in a row, though as he could not attend this social (the 1st ever) due to the birth of his 2nd son he provided us with an acceptance speech via video link featuring the future Korfballer Dominic White)


Nationals Best Supporter:

Nominations – Ruby, Cathy’s Grandson and The Bergs

Winner – The Bergs


MVB (Most Valuable Backpacker):

Nominations – Kat and Sam, Jaco Schippers and Cheya Tyson

Winner – Cheya Tyson


Ref’s Enemy (most passionate):

Nominations – Ben Mizzi, Simon Cunliffe, Neil Hayes and Sebastiaan Schlee

Winner – Sebastiaan Schlee


More photos from the night…

IMG_3562 IMG_3563IMG_3570 IMG_3568IMG_3590 IMG_3569

A big congratulations to all on this list and all who contributed to a fantastic year of Korfball in Sydney, here’s to 2016!

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