Sydney Redbacks vs Newcastle Royals – Game 2 – 2017!

IMG_8851.jpgThe second match of the NSW Korfball 2017 series saw a return to Newcastle, with the Redbacks making their first trip up the M1 for the year.

For this encounter 30min-thirds were played, a format that both teams were unfamiliar with. In the first third Sydney came out of the gates rearing to go. Goals from Graham, Neha and Anne saw the Redbacks go into the first break with a two point lead with the help of a strong defence from the whole team.

The start of the second third saw a huge momentum swing to the Royals, with Sydney only scoring four goals to Newcastle’s eight. Meg created opportunities for herself on offence and was rewarded with her first goal for the Redbacks (in her debut game no less!), while Graham and Daniel both scored from midrange while also both picking up an assist on each other’s goals.

Newcastle brought their momentum on both ends of the court into the final third. Sydney only scored 3 goals, with Mark adding two goals to the Redbacks total and Nancy scoring off the rebound. The Royals added seven to their total, with the final score 11-17 after an exhausting hour and a half of Korfball.

The series now returns to Sydney on the 28th of May, the last match before both clubs fly off to Adelaide for the National Club Championships on the June long weekend.


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