Sydney Redbacks vs Newcastle Royals – The Showdown Part II

Screen Shot 2016-05-29 at 9.27.32 pm

Last Sunday saw round 2 of the Buckle-Wallace NSW Championships here in Sydney! The afternoon kicked off with a dynamic Korfball session run by the Phil Sibbons, head coach of Australia, followed by the most important match of the month, Redbacks vs Newcastle – Showdown Part II.

Newcastle started off strong but Redbacks fought back to win with an awesome 12-4 score bringing the trophy home to Sydney. Match 1 was then followed by our 2nd team match where again we played strong but Newcastle took out the win with a final 7-3 result.

Next on the agenda for the Redbacks are the Nationals in Adelaide! Go go Redbacks!

If you haven’t already seen the match videos check these out…

Game 1 –…

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