Redbacks v Kellyville – Match Report

Redbacks v Kellyville  3-2, 9-0, 6-2 (Scores may be disputed!)

Billed as the biggest match in the history of NSW Korfball, Kellyville KC rolled up to the centre of Sydney to take on the new kids on the block; the mighty Redbacks.

The Redbacks ecstatic after winning first ever match 18-4
The Redbacks ecstatic after winning first ever match 18-4

With a vast range of experience within the Redbacks squad (20 years for some, first match for others), the match was split into three to allow more coaching and division experimentation.

The first third started out as a tight affair with good defence from both teams however the Redbacks managed to break the deadlock as Bart converted a short-range drop off before Gemma quickly doubled the lead with a nice long shot following a good interchange with Rob. Despite an outrageous pass from Sarah, Graham couldn’t convert and with the Redbacks attack faultering, Kellyville drew level. With some strong defence highlighted by Neil’s countless interceptions, the Redbacks were able to snatch the lead back to make it 3-2 at the end of the first third.

With a raft of substitutions including korf debuts for Hannah, Tom and Gen, the Redbacks were invigorated after the break and immediately went two goals up with some superb play by the dream division of Rebecca, Gen, Bart and Toby. Guest star Milanne then sunk a shot from the sideline before debutant Hannah scored with her first ever shot to make it 4-0. The Redbacks continued to play sexy korf with Bart dominating collect with Jen, Rebecca and wonderkid Toby pounding the basket before Milanne scored another long shot and Graham rounded off some good play by Tom and Hannah with a running-in shot. At 8-0 there was still time for one more as the Redbacks rounded off a sensational ‘half’ with a goal to make it 9.

As the Redbacks looked for another victory in the final third, Coach Clinton introduced himself into the fray but it was Rebecca who got the team off to a flyer, nailing two outrageous long shots. With Clinton and Toby bringing ‘street korf’ to the game, Zoe made a running-in shot look easy before Toby drained one from the sideline. An unfortunate injury for Kellyville meant that Bart had to switch allegiances. This didn’t stop the Redbacks extending their advantage as Graham scored a long shot before Kellyville pulled one back. Bart then added one to the Kellyville total with a drop-off after catching Graham napping. Seconds later Clinton converted what turned out to be the last goal of the day to round off a convincing first outing for the Redbacks.

Finishing with a combined score of 18-4, the Redbacks put in an impressive performance in their first outing with praise in particular for debutants Gen, Hannah and Tom as they looked more than comfortable on the korfball court for the first time. With spirits high, this fledgling team can only get better and with a trip to Adelaide on the horizon, exciting times are sure to come.

Redbacks Squad:

Zoe Bennett, Milanne Buiten, Sarah Higginson, Rebecca Lewis, Hannah North, Gemma Pratt, Gen Ward; Rob Allen, Bart Bossenbroek, Clinton Bryan-Mathieson, Toby Clarke, Neil Hayes, Graham Morris, Tom Newton.

Written by: Graham Morris

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