Redbacks WIN the social!


Squad: Elise, Gemma, Sarah, Victoria, Daniel, Graham, Ian, Rob, Sjoerd, Tom, Vincent.

Looking for their first (almost) competitive Korfball of the year, the Redbacks embarked on another trip to Adelaide to take on the country’s finest at the summer classic.

Redbacks 6-4 Glenelg
Scorers: Ian (2), Rob, Gemma, Tom, Daniel

The tournament started well for Sydney with a good performance first up against Glenelg. Sydney got into an early lead with Sarah providing the assist for Ian to finish with his first goal for the Redbacks. Glenelg levelled up immediately but some top rebounding from Rob enabled sustained attack and rob himself scored a drop off to regain the level before Gemma nailed a long shot from the sideline. Continuing the theme, Tom was also dominating under the post, and a superb drop off shot (later named goal of the day) gave the Redbacks a 4-1 half time lead.

Feeling good, Sydney slackened off at the start of the second half to their detriment, allowing Glenelg to draw level at 4-4. However with the full time hooter drawing nearer, Ian got in under the basket to score from close range. Daniel made the game safe with a mid range shot from space to make it 6-4 as the final whistle blew.

Redbacks 5-15 Arista
Scorers: Sjoerd (2), Graham, Ian, Vincent

With Arista putting out a strong line-up, Sydney were second best throughout the second match of the day. A veer from Vincent put Sydney on the scoreboard and a goal from the resident Dutchman Sjoerd (pronunciation debated endlessly) meant that it was 6-2 at half time. Unfortunately the pattern continued in the second with another goal from Sjoerd, one from Ian and a drop off from Graham after more good work from Vincent the only bright points in the 15-5 defeat. Tom also made some good hustles to ruffle some opposition feathers – but to no avail.

Redbacks 8-8 Blacks
Scorers: Sjoerd (3), Gemma, Graham, Ian, Sarah, Victoria

Looking for an improvement against the blacks, sydney didn’t start well – Daniel (on loan from Sydney to the Blacks for the game – big money transfer fee reported) scored to make it 2-0. Sjoerd found his range however scoring a running in shot and a textbook long shot to level the game at 2-2. Sarah then outfoxed her opponent to skip past and slot it in to make it 3-2. Daniel (again) levelled it for the Blacks, unfortunately taking his Redbacks tally to -1 for the tournament. In a tight finish to the half, Gemma scored a runner to make it 5-4 to the blacks at half time.

Victoria levelled it up with a runner just after half time, before Elise used her head to intercept a ball and regain possession – resulting in a temporary substitution to fix up a nose bleed. This coincided with a period where the goals dried up and the blacks pulled out an 8-5 lead. Ian pulled one back from close range before Sjoerd drew both defenders to leave Graham in space to score. Sjoerd then added another himself to complete the comeback – and that’s how it stayed until the hooter.

Redbacks 3-5 Flinders
Scorers: Graham (2), Ian

The Redbacks started their last match of the day on top, pulling out a 3-1 lead thanks to a runner from Ian and two goals from Graham. After that however, thoughts were turned to the social activities later in evening and that allowed flinders back into the game with an improved second half performance to take the match 5-3.

The main game of the day though occurred after those games described above. Sydney, along with special guest player Sharni, took on a scratch team. It is noted at this point that this is the only game which shall be recorded in the history books. Without a ref or a scorer, the events cannot be confirmed nor denied – the only thing for sure is that Sydney scored the golden goal (irrespective of the score up to that point) thanks to Super Sjoerd. The Redbacks therefore won the day – continuing that form long into the evening where they also won the social.

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