Committee 2012/2013

Sarah Higginson: President
Years of korf: 4
Best korf moment: The Edinburgh Heroes ultimate underdog story
Hidden talent: Has bizzarely bendy arms

Gemma Pratt: Secretary
Years of korf: Several
Best korf moment: Discovering a Sydney korfball team
Hidden talent: Keeps it hidden!

Graham Morris: Treasurer
Years of korf: 4
Best korf moment: Scoring a headed goal
Hidden talent: Puts on an uncanny Scottish accent

Swaroopa Mistry: Development
Years of korf: 0.3
Best korf moment: Joining SCRKC
Hidden talent: Can drink numerous rum & cokes at once

Rob Allen: Social
Years of korf: 2
Best korf moment: Becoming the Redbacks tallest player
Hidden talent: Organises epic socials

Clinton Bryan: Club Coach / Captain
Years of korf: 19
Best korf moment: Scoring his first goal at the 2007 World Champs
Hidden talent: Is a trained tap-dancer!